United Nations human abuses experts urge probe into Navalny poisoning

A human abuse expert has called for an investigation into the poisoning of Russian Alexei Navalny. They have insisted that some evidence points out to key government officials.

Investigate Alexei Navalny poisoning - UN experts 

Some UN Human rights officials had asked for a global investigation into how the poisoning of Russian critics Alexey Navalny cane. They are also of the opinion that the immediate release of the Russian is needed for the protests in Russia to stop.

Agnes Callamard, who leads the team on extrajudicial killings, and Irene Khan, who is in charge of Freedom of Opinions made this statement on Tuesday morning. It is their position that the Navalny issue was an attempted murder and part of unlawful killings in the community m. This trend, they say, is a sinister move by some top countries to stop dissenting views from opponents and people that don't agree with their position. 

Enough evidence linking high-ranking government officiants 

They also said that evidence available has pointed accusing fingers at top Russian chiefs who have been fingered in similar issues m Alexei Navalny 45, was ill in Siberia in September before he was immediately flown to Germany. After enough medical dissection, it was revealed that he had been poisoned with Novichok gas, which has been banned globally. Russia has since denied it had anything to with it and days there isn't any proof to show he was ill.

After a few months in a German hospital, he returned to Moscow despite some warnings. He was arrested immediately after he got down from the airport and has been jailed for almost three years for violating parole issued in 2017. Navalny has continued to deny all accusations and said the charges were trumped-up to get him in jail. Despite the various protests that greeted his arrest in Russia and neighboring countries, the Kremlin has refused to let him go.

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