US president urged to support Artificial intelligence weapons creation

US president urged to support Artificial intelligence weapons creation

President Biden has been asked to disregard suggestions of not developing AI ammunition. Critics however say developing AI ammunition will lead to an arms race. 

Developing AI weapons is the future - Professor Noel 

President Biden and his western allies have been advised to decline calls for an international ban on AI-controlled weapons. The military report says that "artificial intelligence can reduce decision time and make security replies which individuals can decipher alone".

The report also states that Russia and China will probably not honor such an agreement. However, weapons analysts claim that such proposals could increase the' ammunition race'. The report is sad and frightening, as it could increase the proliferation of AI ammunition. According to Professor Noel Sharkey, who speaks for the campaign to stop killer robots, these AI weapons have no soul and are dangerous. '' Top AI scientists have warned them to desist from acquiring weapons like that, but they have refused. 

The acquisition of such weapons will result in serious violations of foreign law ''. However, the report says that if such innovations were developed and tested by international law won't be violated. Suggestions to support these were made by former Google boss, Eric Schmidt and Robert work who has experience with international security.

Countering China and Russia is only possible with AI weapons 

The majority of the plan was about how to counter any China ambition to be Global power by 2031. The security experts believe that unless the US military is allowed to have AI-enabled weapons China might dislodge the US as the world power soon. It also canvases for more funding for the US navy and army to be able to maintain its position in the world.

They emphasized that unless the United States matches rivals toe by toe, the future is bleak. There are suggestions that China and Russia are already developing AI weapons secretly. 

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