What is the purpose of an email checker?

Email verification is the voluntary process of checking the validity of email addresses used in campaigns to ensure that emails will reach their destination. Here are the top three reasons to verify your emails.

Save money on campaigns

Let's do a little math. If you send a campaign to 10,000 addresses and half of them are invalid, even at a cost of $0.001 per email, the loss would be $5. With several campaigns of hundreds of thousands of contacts, the losses would be enormous for the company because of the lack of return on investment. By checking the address base, all these wastes can be avoided. With the best email checker, the investment will be more profitable and not destined to messages without recipients.

Improve marketing performance

Each campaign conducted by the company has a specific objective (loyalty, promotion, prospecting, information...). In all cases, it is important to check the performance of the campaign to ensure its effectiveness and to think about a possible improvement. The indicators included in the example of the deliverability rate may be erroneous if the contact list contains a large number of invalid addresses. Thus, the strategy (knowledge of the best time to target your subscribers, selection of the best content for your subscribers, ...) will be affected and by ricochet, the other statistical data such as the conversion rate, the click rate, the open rate, etc.

Avoiding penalties

The frequency of bounced messages received following a campaign is a criterion for identifying spammers by ISPs (Internet Service Providers). If the number of undelivered messages on the server becomes too high, the account will be added to the blacklist (a list of email addresses known to send spam). Some emailing services also apply penalties to customers with a high bounce rate; penalties that can go as far as deleting the customer account on the platform. It is better to anticipate all this by doing an email verification.