Taylor Swift slams Netflix over the sexist joke

Popular female singer, Taylor Swift has accused Netflix of using inappropriate jokes. The movie firm featured a joke which Taylor Swift didn't find funny.

Taylor accused Netflix of a bad joke

Top musician, Taylor Swift has accused video firm, Netflix of looking down on women during a joke session. She stated on Twitter, that she finds it ridiculous that they could engage in something like that. The joke was during the ending of a comedy, Ginny and Georgia. During the movie, the top characters argued about relationships. 

When Ginny was asked about her relationship, she retorted, 'How is that your business, don't you go through guys more than Taylor Swift?' '. That line in the comedy raised an uproar among Taylor Swift fans who told her to boycott the series. On Monday, the musician herself intervened, asking for the sexist joke to be removed and an apology given. Netflix hasn't replied, nor made any comment not any acquaintance of Ginny and Georgia. 

The musician has had several issues with her relationships 

The Musician love life has been talked about in recent times. Swift, 30 has been linked with many men which include Harry Styles, Tom Huddleston, and  Dj Calvin. However, that seems to be something of the past, as she has a steady relationship with UK actor Joe Alwyn. They have both decided to keep their relationship out of the eyes of the media for personal reasons. 

When she spoke on Monday, she also spoke about her documentary with Netflix and how it has affected her. She also spoke about her musical career and how her relationships were being focused on by the media. Swift has been one of the brightest musicians to come from the UK in recent and has been successful with her studio tracks. However, until recently the press hasn't let go of her, and she has been the talk of the town.