Some advantages of carpooling

Carpooling is a form of shared mobility that has many advantages. Users as well as communities benefit from these economic, environmental and social advantages. Are you wondering if carpooling is convenient, gives you choice, is good for the environment, is good for your health and allows you to socialize? Discover in this article, the main advantages of carpooling that will allow you to have answers to your questions.

Limit road and public space saturation

Repeated traffic jams and difficulties to find a parking space, here is the daily lot of millions of motorists in the world. To remedy this situation, companies have launched carpooling sites to facilitate regular trips between homes and train stations. Current local policies are encouraging alternative transportation with a motto: fewer cars for more space. Carpooling is all about fuller cars for smoother roads. For more information, click on Rapha cohen join Waze.

Limit the transportation budget

Why not divide the costs by sharing the cost of gasoline, but also tolls on long distances? For example, leaving your residence for the office costs on average 70 € by train and 120 € by private car. But, by carpooling, the costs are reduced to about 45 €. Unbeatable! For the smart ones, the driver is not supposed to make a profit.

Limit your carbon footprint

At a time when almost the entire world is struggling to remedy the air pollution caused by transport (29%), carpooling by dividing the number of drivers naturally helps reduce greenhouse gases and improve air quality, especially in cities. Air pollution caused by vehicle emissions is linked to several respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological diseases in addition to allergies. In the long term, it would allow a 25% reduction of CO2 emissions and avoid the risk of being affected by a respiratory disease, a strong potential. Carpooling reduces the number of cars on the road and therefore contributes to reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse gases and to protect the environment.