Prehistory : the fascinating world of dinosaurs

Before the earth became this nice and calm beautiful planet we all know and love, it was the land of giants. This place we call home has been there for billions of years before we ever dreamt of walking on it, and a some point in time, it was home to some of the very first animals this planet birthed. Dinosaurs sure are terrifying creatures, but they are also quite fascinating and it is not surprising that clubs are created and events are held just to honor the past owners of our blue planet.

Amazing facts about dinosaurs

When the word "dinosaur" is uttered, most people generally think about one type specifically, the T-Rex. This might be due to movies such as "Jurassic Park", and it is probably why the T-Rex has a growing fan base. You can click here to find out more about dinosaur. The T-Rex (which fully stands for Tyrannosaurus Rex) was fierce, aggressive and known to be at the top of the food chain during the cretaceous era. These type of dinosaurs were carnivores, they weren't the only type that existed. There were herbivores as well such as the Aegytosaurus or the Alamosaurus which easily weighs 60 000lbs (27215kg), and reach the height of 28 feet (8.5m). Despite this staggering size, these giants are able to sustain themselves by only feeding on plants. There are also omnivores which need both plants and animals to survive. Some examples of this type would be the Hagryphus with its bird looking features, the Harpymimus, and the Melanorosaurus.

Can humans and dinosaurs coexist?

This question is been going around among the dinosaur fans community, and is hotly debated. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, there is no way to give an answer to this because humans and dinosaurs never coexisted at any point in time. There is no telling how it would've been to live among creatures that can eat you up in the blink of an eye.