Learning moreĀ about account payable and account receivable automation

In the business world, there are a lot of parameters to be considered in order to achieve your goal, which is making profit. One of the trickiest sections to deal with are the accounts payable (AP) and the accounts receivable (AR). It is a process that keeps track of the money flow in your company and if dealt with by a human, there are chances that manual errors may occur. Which is why most business owners are going for the automation of this sections.

Account payable automation

Once the customer pays for your transaction, the payment is recorded and the account is no longer considered "pending". As technology continues to advance, many companies are beginning to use automation for their accounts payable and accounts receivable workflows to streamline processes and increase efficiency. Find out more about ar automation software here.

Accounts Payable software allows you to automate manual payments by adding your supplier's bank account details to your supplier profile. Once the invoice or purchase invoice is due, you simply enter the payment amount and pay online. There are many online payment options on the market, including credit card payments, Stripe, Paypal, Amazon Pay, and more.

Accounts Payable (AP) automation is the use of AP automation solutions to process invoices in digital format through a contactless process. Ideally, 100% of the invoices a company receives can be processed automatically without human intervention.

Account receivable automation

Another major benefit of automating accounts receivable is predictable cash flow for your business. Without automation, your predictions may be completely different from what you actually collected. You can automatically send payment notifications, reminders, and emails to ensure on-time pickups. Automation helps you master the collection process, ensure stable cash flow, and reduce bad debts.

The goal of accounts receivable automation is to simplify the process of issuing and distributing invoices. The solution works by integrating your supplier's financial system into your corporate network, allowing your company to distribute invoices electronically, by email or by post at the click of a button.

A major benefit of automating accounts receivable is that finance teams have access to the right metrics of financial health at all times. You need to be able to keep an eye on cash flow and other issues that can ultimately affect your bottom line in real time. Easy access to centralized reports and dashboards is critical to managing this part of the process. AR automation can help you reduce DSO and increase profitability.