How to transfer your playlists from one music streaming service to another?

In the world in general and in France in particular, music streaming services enjoy great importance in the hearts of music lovers. But one of the most difficult operations with these services is the change of streaming platform, especially one that has several playlists or recorded albums. Fortunately, there are now related services designed to simplify this process by making just a few clicks.

Why change streaming platform?

Transferring playlists or music or even recorded albums from one streaming platform to another is no longer a myth today with Soundiiz. Indeed, the advantage of this digital service is the possibility of switching in the event that the platform does not meet your expectations or needs. If in the past it was difficult to put music, playlists or albums in your library, you can do it today in just a few clicks. From Deezer to Spotify via Apple Music and Qobuz, many music streaming platforms offer this service for more fluidity and reliability in the musical arena.

What are the solutions for transferring playlists from one platform to another?

Music transfer services from one music streaming platform to another are multiple with more or less attractive advantages. The best known and used is FreeYourMusic, a service that stands out for its multiple beneficial features for this operation. Indeed, it promotes the change of streaming platform by making the transfer of music and albums to a new platform punctual and automatic. However, FreeYourMusic is not a free service; it will be necessary to make a quarterly or annual subscription. Another solution is SongShift, an application available only for iPhones.