How to find a lost dog ?

Both cats and dogs are considered members of a family. The dog is a true faithful friend of man. He is able to feel your emotions and protect you. That's why when a dog gets lost, the owner panics. Don't worry, here are some steps to follow if you find yourself in such a situation.

Report the loss of your dog

There are several reasons why your dog may run away or get lost. We can mention the lack of vigilance, the disorientation of your dog, the anxiety of the dog. If this happens, you must take steps to find your dog. The first step to take is to make a declaration of loss. This declaration is done in the national file I-CAD. There is also a website where you can do this. The identification number and the password of your pet must be inserted to facilitate the research. 
You must also put your contacts to be aware of the progress of the search.

Alert your friends and family and search for a publication

After the declaration of loss, you can alert your entourage. Inform your neighbors and relatives of your dog's disappearance. You can also inform veterinarians and animal associations in your city. If your dog is still not found, look for unusual places and make an announcement on social networks. 
Dogs can hide behind the refrigerator, the electrical cabinet and even in the compartment of a furnace. So look everywhere in your home. When searching call your dog, he will recognize you and come back to you. 
The announcement on social networks also offers you a great chance to find your dog. To succeed in this announcement, briefly describe your dog and publish it.
You must then proceed mythologically and take radical measures to quickly find your lost dog.