How to choose your dress according to your morphology?

Of all women's clothing, the dress is the one that suits perfectly to the morphology of all women. Indeed, the latter highlights the body of all women. On the other hand, it is essential that you know your morphology in order to choose the dress which will be able to sublimate you. Discover in the following the dresses which are appropriate for each morphology.

The morphology in A

Women with this morphology have a narrower body than hips. In addition, the size of the pants is greater than the bust. Therefore, opt for a dress that is fitted at the top and flared at the bottom. You can for example adopt trapeze or empire dresses. On the other hand, straight dresses are also suitable for this morphology. However, if you have this morphology, you should avoid dresses that are too tight and those with stripes. If you have this morphology, visit this webpage for more details.

The X and 8 shape

Although the X and 8 shapes are similar, the 8 shape is distinguished by its voluptuous curves. In addition, the waist and hips are equal. As for the waist, it is marked. Women who have these morphologies can wear all the dresses they want. They can wear tight dresses, dresses with ruffles, etc.. On the other hand, they should avoid dresses that are not fitted and too wide. These may not enhance your figure.

The H-shaped morphology

Characterized by shoulders and hips in the same alignment, women with this morphology do not have a marked waist. Therefore, you must create the illusion of a waist by opting for straight, flowing and empire dresses. You can embellish your outfit with a belt that you can wear on the hips. However, you should not wear dresses that do not emphasize the waist.