How do you install a huge patio?

The patio is the inner courtyard of a house intended to serve as a place to relax or to host guests. Still referred to in some regions as the deck, it can be installed either by experts or by yourself.  This article will give us more information on how to install a large deck.

Laying out the land

This step takes into account the layout of the foundation and the structure. It forces you to restrict the total space that the deck will occupy.  Next, determine the location of the concrete support blocks and dig large holes for each location to hold the blocks.  After that, pour stones into the holes, and compress the holes and insert the support blocks. Finally, screw the ledge and ledge joists to the concrete blocks to easily lay the boards of the structure.  To further solidify, double the rim joists with the boards.  Not only that, but make a solid board installation in the middle of the perimeter and in conjunction with the end joists placed on the support blocks.  Also pour 1 inch thick stones inside the perimeter, and spread it out. This is how you prepare the ground. If weeds often bother you, we advise you to get rid of them with a geotextile membrane. Use hammers and nails to galvanise and fix the metal supports to the edge joists and also to the opposite centre. Finally, make a location for the braces in the center of the joists. For more information, visit the website.

Equip the top bearing installation

Secure a structural board to the wall of the house, ensuring that it is straight. Now dampen the board to the building by partially nailing the concrete anchors into the joist. Use a spanner to secure the anchors. Next, form a second square using edge and contour joists.  Form joists from the panels and nail metal hangers to each joist.  Also, install cross braces on each joist perpendicularly. Finally, to complete the construction of the top landing, install decking on the floor and perimeter structure.