Covid-19 strains are a threat to vaccine development - CDC

The US center for the disease has warned that the continuous mutation of coronavirus is dangerous. It says that unless vaccines are developed quickly, current vaccines may be less potent.

Covid-19 variants a threat to the vaccinations process 

The continuous mutation of the coronavirus has threatened the fight against infection. It could also be responsible for a potential third wave. According to the head of the CDC, there are cogent concerns about the potency of this vaccine against new strains. She said they recorded about 71,900 fresh cases a day which is a large number. 

Also, casualty figures were 2,100 daily during the same week. Her assertion was at these rates, they are fighting a lost battle. '' My major fear is that these levels of cases are high and if we continue like this with variants springing up, we stand no chance ''. Dr. Rochelle Walenasky, a director with CDC said the threat posed by these COVID-19 variants is real and should be taken seriously. 

Some strains more dangerous than others - CDC 

Although there are many COVID-19 versions around, only a little give concern to medical experts globally. Top of this list includes Kent, South Africa, and Portuguese variants. The CDC data has forecasted that the variant called B. 1.1.7 will soon be a dominant version in the US in the first quarter. She said there were real concerns about the growing cases in the US which are limiting the measures the authorities are putting to fight it.

The US has had about 27 million COVID-19 cases with more than 550,000 deaths which is the highest casualty figure in the world. The CDC source has said that unless the vaccinations speed up, variants could not overpower the population. It has also advised people to take their health seriously and follow all safety procedures to overcome this virus.

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