Choosing a charger for pc: the necessary to know

Choosing a charger for pc: the necessary to know Laptops are of crucial importance in everyday life. Many accessories have been made available to everyone to facilitate the operation of laptops. The charger is one of its essential accessories for the operation of a pc. What is the necessary to know to choose your pc? More explanations.

Definition and role of a charger for pc

A adapter for laptop asus is a device with power capable of powering a computer. It also allows you to recharge one or more batteries. It also allows the operation of the pc in the absence or presence of batteries.

criteria for choosing a charger for pc

The parameters to take into account when choosing your charger are:

The diameter of the connector

To know the diameter of your charger, you must measure the size of the inner diameter and the outer diameter. This measurement is done using a ruler and the connector references are noted in a specific way: outer diameter — inner diameter. In case the measurement is impossible then, go to a shop with the old charger or the laptop itself. The connector size is usually specific to one brand of computer, but there are chargers that are compatible with other computer brands. The difference in size of a connector of one millimeter compared to that provided for the pc would not cause a problem.

The power of the charger

Generally, the power of the charger is mentioned on the label of the old charger or on the laptop. The power of the charger represents the maximum energy it provides to the computer. It is determined for the multiplication of the intensity by the voltage and is expressed in watts. In addition, the intensity of a charger may be higher, but not less than the power required for the operation of the computer. So a difference in intensity of 1 volt can be negligible for the purchase of your charger.